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From action type,  stock selection, 
caliber choice, barrel types, barrel length and twist rates,
each of these variables contribute to your ultimate satisfaction! It is our privilege to advise you in the selection process of your custom built rifle! 

We can provide almost any caliber that you desire, just ask us!
Gatlin Guns Custom Rifles and Custom Handguns are superior in accuracy and are made from the highest quality components. 

Let us measure you for a custom rifle built expressly for you customized to your individual taste and preference.

We can provide you with calibers that will get the job done on any critter, no matter how BIG or small.  
Custom Rifle - 6.5 x 55 Swede 
High Tech Speciality Stock finished in NatGear Camo. Features a FN Commercial  Mauser Action, Douglas XX Air Guaged Premium Barrel, 1-9 twist with Leupold 3x9x40mm VariX II Scope.
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"Accuracy, Not Just a Pursuit but a Passion"
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From Lightweight Hunting Rifles to 
Long Range Hunting or Shooting
264 winchester Mag hunting rifle
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264 Winchester Mag Custom Rifles
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Custom Rifle is built on a 
FN Mauser 264 Winchester Mag 28" 
Fluted #4 Douglas Barrel with a MPI Thumbhole Ultra Lightweight Stock, Timney trigger, finished in a Grey pebble with black spider webbing.
Remington M700, HART barrel, our 2 ring bolt knob, blueprinted action, timney classic trigger 6x47 Lapua with recessed crown job , H&S precision stock mid weight hunter.